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Amazon Bestseller: Get Your Copy of "The Diamond from Within:

Overcoming Obstacles in  Life and Business" by Lisa Gordon & Co-Authors

Timeless Wisdom for Overcoming Obstacles and Adversity

The Diamond From Within: Overcoming Obstacles in Life and Business

by Lisa Gordon, Shamayah Sarrucco, & Co-Authors

  About the Book:
  When life hits you hard, you are given the opportunity to transform – and become the   precious diamond you truly are. 12 authors/entrepreneurs share their powerful 

  stories and the strength that can be found within to rise above tragedy, setbacks, and

  overwhelming circumstances to succeed.

 “The Diamond from Within” takes you beyond inspirational stories. You’ll find practical

  tools, advice, and wisdom to:

  • Let your diamond shine.
  • Find happiness again in your career.
  • Overcome depression.
  • Rebuild your financial life.
  • Listen to the whisper.
  • Recharge your business.

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