"Navigating Conflict in the Workplace"

  • Re-think your "go-to" approach to conflict.
  • Manage the "Avoider" or "Seeker" in you.
  • Explore the "Culture of Conflict" within your organization. 
  • Discover your predominant Conflict Management Style. 
  • Learn conflict management strategies that inspire change in the workplace.
  • ​Redefine your perceptions of conflict in your life, workplace, and career. 

  "The Leader You Are Meant to Be"  

  (Recharge Your Leadership Style)

  • Challenge your mindset on what it really takes to be a leader
  • Explore your Leadership Style from a new perspective
  • Identify the risks and benefits of your leadership
  • Leave with a new vision of how you will lead and impact your organization.

  "Emotional Intelligence (EI or EQ):

  The Missing Link 

  • Understand the dimensions and elements of Emotional Intelligence.
  • Re-discover the power of Emotional Intelligence through the lens of an Emotional Intelligent and Emotionally Un-intelligent Leader.
  • Discover competencies critical to becoming an Emotionally Intelligent Leader.
  • Leave with a new vision of how you can impact and influence in a whole new way.

​ ​​​Facilitation & Consulting/Keynote Presentations/Training Opportunities

 lisa inspires

​ ​​Keynote Presentations/Training Opportunities

  "Leading Through Change"                     

     (Transformational Change Management)

  • Discover the power of change 
  • Re-examine your change management strategies and frames of power
  • Explore principles of Transformational Leadership
  • Identify the change you would like to bring
  • Discover the Transformational Leader you need to be.

  "Hidden Figures: Women Leaders"

  ​(Redefining the Glass Ceiling)

  • Examine the impact of limiting beliefs
  • ​Re-imagine your Leadership Style
  • ​Redefine your unique position "at the table"
  • Enable your "Hidden Figure Super Powers"
  • Shatter the glass ceiling with G.R.A.C.E.
  • Leave empowered with a new vision of your life and career.

  "Unlocking & Living Your Purpose"

  (Finding Your Vision & Purpose)

  • Discover the path to your purpose and vision.
  • Learn how meeting Oprah Winfrey   changed Lisa's life.
  • Explore the "A-ha" Moments that have contributed to your purpose.
  • Re-evaluate the purpose and vision for your life in an enlightening way.


Facilitation & Consulting  

Board & Staff Retreats and Strategic Planning

    ​Lisa engages corporate, government, and non-profit clients in thought-provoking and innovative retreats, workshops, training,

     and consulting experiences to facilitate new discoveries, navigate organizational change,re-think board and corporate cultures, 

     and expand reach to diverse communities. Lisa has proven expertise in public engagement, building consensus among multiple

     stakeholders, engaging new audiences throughemerging platforms, andeffectively collaborating with boards of directors and

     public agencies to advance an organization’s mission,vision, and brand identity.

​     Lisa’s Design and Approach to Facilitation & Consulting:

  • Create innovative, unique, tailored, and insightful design aligned with retreat/workshop goals and objectives; 
  • Create forum and platform for boards/staffs to openly dialogue, receive information that will deepen understanding, improve board, workplace, and organizational cultures, enhance participation and service as a board/staff member, and reignite commitment for the organization;
  • Spark engagement through thought-provoking, challenging, and dynamic individual and group activities;
  • Create climate for boards/staffs to reflect and express views and opinions in a “safe" environment where opinions and views are valued and free of judgement or criticism.
  • Outcomes include a more aligned, cohesive, inspired, focused, and inclusive board, organization, staff, and culture, a spirit of  comradeship and collaboration, and renewedcommitment to the organization and mission and vision​​ achievement.